WalkMe: a sophisticated user experience platform

WalkMe ScreenshotI had a demo this morning of a fascinating piece of software, called WalkMe. I was interested to find out how this third-party software could be used to improve user experiences, improve knowledge and engagement, prevent attrition and angst, and enhance context help for different types of users.

“WalkMe™ enables schools, universities and online educational service providers to provide a simplified and enhanced online experience on any website, software or LMS. WalkMe’s guidance and engagement platform helps users perform tasks with ease and ensures a heightened user experience for both professors and students alike.”

This software adds an extra veneer to your current site, allowing for different help options, walk-throughs and other useful stuff to happen. However, what really attracted me to the product where three great features:

  1. form assistance controls – form validation controls and text prompts to guide a user through the form complete stages;
  2. segmentation of help tools – allowing different user groups to see different help tools and information throughout the site;
  3. usage analytics – tracking and reporting of all user clicks to present detailed summaries of pages, individual controls, search terms and even individual user clicks.

WalkMe is currently being used across many top companies, such as Adobe, BT, PayPal and Virgin, so look out for their help panels, tool tips and guidance displays when you are next on their sites.

This might not seem like the most exciting of piece of learning technology software, but for me, this helps users of technology in a number of ways:

a) initial orientation is supported by helpful messages and context help menus;

b) completion of tricky forms is aided by some clever validation tools;

c) and, re-training on version releases is easily managed by adding simple cues for users to identify the changes and explain what to do next.

Finally, one other real benefit of this software is from a developer perspective. Rather than use valuable developer time to hard-code help triggers, text and menu panels. This tool allows others (Support Teams?) to take control of the help information.


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