Social media for office communications ?

Email. OK, we all use it and yes, it has made a massive difference to working lives (another debate on pros and cons…). But, are we blindly following an out-moded form of office communciation and ignoring the new benefits of social networking in the workplace ? Continue reading “Social media for office communications ?”


WalkMe: a sophisticated user experience platform

WalkMe ScreenshotI had a demo this morning of a fascinating piece of software, called WalkMe. I was interested to find out how this third-party software could be used to improve user experiences, improve knowledge and engagement, prevent attrition and angst, and enhance context help for different types of users.

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Open badges for open accreditation of learning

Open Badges for open accreditation of learning ?
I joined a recent Open Badges #LTHEchat TweetChat (hosted by Phil Vincent and Roisin Cassidy, 29th April 2015) with some trepidation, having had only minimal exposure to them in MOOCs and other open learning activities. Open Badges offer great potential for redefining the award of skills, achievements and competence, beyond conventional academic measures. This potentially allows anybody with internet access new opportunities to receive valuable recognition and reward, and perhaps incentivise further effort towards informal or formal certification. I was therefore interested to learn more, but particularly keen to identify how ePortfolios could support their aggregation, with evidence and contextualisation, for presentation to others. 

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Planning for personal development

I am sure it is a familiar feeling. It is that post-holiday period following Christmas and Summer holidays, when beautifully devised plans developed over long journeys or during a meal face the harsh reality of other, competing commitments, including family, friends, home and other hobbies. My latest is a commitment to learn Spanish through daily learning activities delivered from a lovely free app, called Duolingo. So far, so good. But, with only one weeks since returning, my activity chart is already beginning to nose-dive and resemble the share price of Tesco plc. I have other guilty recollections of an aborted novel, fabulous DIY projects, more time sailing… even rediscovering a six-pack!

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Why (re)training matters

Badass: making users awesomeI read a rather wonderful book recently, called ‘Badass: making users awesome’. I confess that I originally bought it thinking it would help us design a better product through a better user experience. However, I was wrong – but pleasantly so…

I dont want to review the book here – Virginia DeBoult does an excellent job here. I would though like to focus on one particular subject of the book which I was reminded of yesterday during a demo for a help tool product, called WalkMe (see earlier post). I am referring to what Kathy Sierra refers to as the ‘Suck Threshold’ which determines whether an individual will commit to mastering a product or may lose faith and considering dropping it for another.

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Seven steps to blogging bliss

By mkhmarketing
By mkhmarketing

The first thing to say about blogging is that it is for anybody. And not just for anybody, but for any aspect of your life. And, that is not all…blogging can be done as frequently as you like – daily, weekly, monthly – it really doesn’t matter. What is important is that you are sharing a little something of yourself to a global audience. Sounds daunting ? Yes, it does, I agree. But, follow these steps and it will be easy, and fun, and liberating, and possibly life-changing…

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